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Welcome to the Internet home of Military Fighting Knives.   Many of you know us through our knife list and we appreciate your continued support.   If you collect fighting knives we think you'll enjoy what we have to offer.  From the common to the rare and historic, we cater to every collector.   We hope you enjoy this site and will visit it often.   Please feel free to contact John at jrg@infinet.com   or Gary at  zruleford@aol.com  if you have questions or need assistance.   Click here to see our Terms of Sale.

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The following items are being sold by Gary Ruleford    zruleford@aol.com 

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  1. Sale Pending ~ USM5A-1 Bayonet knife by Milpar with rare M5 leather scabbard.  Scabbard is near mint.  Knife is a bayonet with the fixtures removed- NOT the Milpar fighting knife.



http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/m52.JPG                        $95


  1. WWII Private Purchase fighting knife made by William Rodgers, Sheffield England as stamped on both sides of the ricasso.  8” bright blade is an exact copy of a Marbles Ideal.  Brass guard, aluminum pommel, leather handle.  Excellent plus condition.


http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/brit82.JPG                       $250   


  1. Sale Pending ~ “A Collection of U.S. Military Knives 1861-1968” by M.H. Cole. (Book #1)  The paper cover is still held on by the two staples in the spine – but not by much.  Otherwise the book is in excellent condition.  A few of the knives inside have been highlighted yellow – presumably as the previous owner collected the pieces.

http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/cole1.JPG                       $125


  1. Sale Pending ~ “A Collection of U.S. Military Knives” Book II, M.H. Cole.  This hardcover book is in excellent condition and is signed by M.H. Cole to our late friend and collector, Arch Poeppel, March 4, 1995.

http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/cole21.JPG                     $145


  1. USM-3 Blade dated U.C. 1943.  This knife is in excellent condition overall, with the blade Parkerizing thinning and shiny toward the tip.  Handle is excellent plus.  A little careful sharpening.  I’m selling this knife in a MILSCO M-6 scabbard that is not quite as nice as the knife, but in very good condition.



            http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/560.JPG                         $695


  1. Vietnam Era Western Boulder, Colorado 8 inch fighter.  Blade has been sharpened with marks visible on the right side only.  Mint guard and handle with original laquer finish over handle and tang.  Proper scabbard is near mint.


http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/571.JPG              $295


  1. Vietnam Era Delta/UDT knife.  Coles IV pg. 62.  Blade is in as good of condition that I have ever seen on one of these knives.  It has no pitting and only the slightest bit of the usual grinder marks that we see on these knives.  The blade may actually be unsharpened.  About half of these knives had the blood groove painted red, and this one does too.  WWII MKII scabbard. 


http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/573.JPG                         $595


  1. Trapdoor Springfield bayonet and scabbard.  Both pieces retain 95% of their original blue.  Some very light surface rust in a couple of spots.



http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/584.JPG              $115


  1. Sale Pending ~ USM3 Imperial guard marked.  6 7/8” blade is parkerized; handle is excellent.  M-8 scabbard.


http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/528.JPG              $125


  1. WWII era British Bowie knife.  Alfred Williams, IBRO marked ricasso, crown stag pommel.  The 5 7/8” blade looks like a Marbles pattern.  Some light pitting on parts of the blade.

http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/345.jpg                          $75


  1. 1970 Issue West German fighting/utility knife.  5 ” blade is mint, unsharpened condition and is marked only “ROSTFREI”, which, I believe means it is stainless steel.  Handle, scabbard and frog are near mint.

http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/347.jpg                          $70


  1. WWII private purchase dagger by William Rodgers, Sheffield England.  6” blade has extra material left on the blade to allow for factory serrations.  Blade is etch engraved “I Cut My Way. William Rodgers, Sheffield England” with a serial number 1583 at the ricasso.  The opposite side is etch engraved “Bob Schrimsher Presents, William Rodgers, I Cut My Way” with the word Stainless rolled into the ricasso.  Thong hole in the pommel.  Knife and scabbard are both mint.

http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/329.jpg                          $125


  1. EOD Tool Kit Knife, for use in “on the beach” missions.  This knife has never been seen outside of the EOD that I’m aware of.  Beryllium “Do Not Sharpen” warning etched on one side of the blade, and low MU test dates on the other side.  Mint Condition.

http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/274.jpg                          $200


  1. Vietnam SOG Knife Stone.  Brown/Tan two-tone.  Proper stone for some variations, standard replacement stone for other SOG knives.

http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/129.jpg                          $12


I recently purchased a small collection of theater and shop made knives.  They will be for sale in the following section.


  1. Theater made Arkansas Toothpick style knife.  Quality ground 8” blade, aluminum guard, hardwood handle, inlaid with what appears to be lead.  Pommel and original scabbard are both marked “1943.”



http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/toothpk3.JPG     $125


  1. A rather simple made, but effective stiletto, 6 1/8” blade, leather and micarta spacer handle, thin steel guard, bronze pommel with a pin holding everything in place.  A well made scabbard that does not appear to be original to the knife.


http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/stil2.JPG                         $85


  1. WWII Theater made (might be a production piece).  The 7” blade is professionally ground to a stiletto shape.  Blade has a little bit of pitting on each side.  Professional looking scabbard is original to the knife.  Female side of snap strap is torn and nearly separated.


http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/581.JPG              $75


  1. WWII Theater made knife.  5 ” blade has a rather interesting shape.  Made from 1/8” steel with a small false edge.  Blade is spotted, but has no rust or pitting.  Original scabbard.


http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/499.JPG                         $55


  1. WWII Theater made.  6 3/8” blade is thick and heavy with a small fuller.  Aluminum, bronze and leather washer handle.  Original scabbard.  No pitting or rusting.

http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/501.JPG              $65



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The following items are being sold by John Gibson     jrg@infinet.com

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1. WWII M3 ACC----Near Mint----Quite rare M3 in very nice condition. The blade is unsharpened with scabbard marks and just a little ighting of the finish right at the tip. The underside of the guard is marked "U.S. / M3 / A.C.C.". The guard is tight. The leather handle is the early 8 ring version and is excellent condition. The pommel has the ord mark and is double pinned. It comes with an early short frog M8 scabbard that was arsenal modified with belt hooks. It also has the original raw-hide tie-down. Ref: Cole III pg 97 #25---$ 385.00

2. Vietnam Era Knuckle Knife---The M3 blade has very light use but is missing a lot of the finish. The handle, including the knuckle bow  is cast aluminum and was cast to the blade. There are fiber or plastic grips pinned to the handle part. The entire handle is blackened. It comes with a M8A1 scabbard. I'm guessing that it is Vietnam Era, it just has that look.------$ 250.00

3. Phrobis CUK--First Model--Mint---Navy Seal Issue--Phrobis designed, under contract,  this sterile CUK (Combat Utility Knife) for the Navy Seals. This first model has a false edge that is beveled on both sides. It proved to be too weak and a single beveled edge was developed. Ref: Brett, The Military Knife & Bayonet pg 338 and Silvey 41-91 pg 323.  The sterile CUK is quite rare. The knife and scabbard are pristine mint-----$ 450.00

4. Phrobis CUK--Second Model--Mint---Navy Seal Issue---Phrobis designed, under contract, this sterile CUK (Combat Utility Knife) for the Navy Seals. After the double beveled false edge of the first model proved to be too weak, this second model was developed with a much stronger single-bevel false edge.  Ref: Brett, The Military Knife & Bayonet pg 338 and Silvey, 41-91 pg 323. The sterile CUK is quite rare. The knife and scabbard are pristine mint----$ 450.00

5.  WWII M3 Imperial---Mint---The blade is unused with only scabbard marks. It is marked on the underside of the guard "USM3 / Imperial. The guard is tight. The handle is unused and is the early 8 ring version. The pommel has the ord mark. It comes with a mint early M8 scabbard with original rawhide tie-down. Ref: Cole III pg 97 #13----$ 325.00

6.  Vietnam Buffalo Bill Knife---Rare---Only the 2nd one I've ever had. This one is quite unique as it does not have the plated blade. It has the floral type engraving that is seen on a lot of the Vietnam knives. In Brett's book, The Military Knife & Bayonet, shows a smaller Vietnam knife with the floral design. In Mike Silvey's Vietnam book, pg 46 & 47, he shows the plated versions. The nice heavy blade is 9 1/2" long. It has a small area of dark ageing on one side (you can see it in the picture), but there is no rust or pitting. It has some dings on the back bone of the blade. It has an oval brass guard and a brass collar on the handle. The wood handle is in excellent condition with only some minor dings. Excellent condition Rare knife------$450.00

7.  Randall Model 2--Pristine Mint--mid to late 70's knife---The 8" double edge blade is marked with the Randall Mark and "S" for Stainless. There is a Randall shop engraved name on the back side "Jeffrey Anthony". The double guard is brass. The Commando shaped handle is Maroon Micarta. It has a duraluminum butt cap. It comes with a Pristine Rough Back Johnson sheath that has the Randall mark on the back. It has an early unmarked orange stone. Also comes with the "Take Care of your Knife" booklet from Randall. Super piece-------$ 675.00

8. Vietnam Era Schrade Walden MC-1 Survival Knife--Pristine Mint---No doubt the best quality of the MC-1s. The main blade is marked "Schrade / Walden / N.Y. U.S.A. / Stainless". Perfect strong action, locks up tight. Ref: Cole III pg 145 #2---$ 120.00

9. WWI LF&C 1917 Knuckle Knife----The blade is full and has some sharpening marks and a little loss of blue finish. The guard is marked "U.S. / L.F.&C. /1917". The knuckle bow is in nice condition with no rust or pitting. The wood handle is also in very nice condition. Sorry, no scabbard. Ref: Cole III pg 23 #4------$ 225.00

10. WWII USMC Kabar--Minty--No doubt a surplus knife re-done for the commercial market. It is an early Kabar that had the markings removed. It was originally marked "Ka-Bar / Olean,N.Y." on one side and "USMC" on the other. In one picture you can see the "C" from the USMC. It is an early knife with the threaded tang. The parkerizing or blueing was removed from both the blade and pommel. The blade is unused. It comes with the original scabbard in exc condition. It is stamped in several places "LSM Flotilla Seven / C/O Fleet Post Office / San Francisco, California". There is also a name above one of the marks. Ref: Cole III pg 94 #3---$ 105.00

11. WWII OSS Drop Knife Knuckle Bow--Mint---Quite unusual to find just the Knuckle Bow but I have actually seen a couple of these over the years. Neat piece in minty condition. Ref: Cole III pg 163 and Cole IV pg 172------$ 45.00

12. WWII Royal Brand Fighting Knife---The blade has use, sharpening, pin-head type pitting  and has darkened from age. The wook handle has some dings and a small chip at the end, on one side. The original sheath has some art work on the front and the female portion of the grip strap snap has seperated. Ref: Cole IV pg 179----Quite scarce and quite rough------$ 60.00

13. WWII M3 Blade Marked Imperial---Minty---The blade is marked "US M3 Imperial". The blade has no use with only scabbard marks. The leather handle is the early 8 ring version with no spacers. There is a set of initials lightly carved into the grip---looks like CN. The pommel has the ord mark. This is one of the arsenal stored pieces. It has the black paint on the guard and pommel. It comes with a nice M8 scabbard with original rawhide tie-down. Ref: Cole III pg 97 # 12------$ 255.00

14. Vietnam Era Knuckle Knife--Minty---I have seen a couple of these over the years but never a mint one. I really don't know anything about them, I looked in every book I have with no results. The fact that it is minty really helps with the era of the knife. The blade is 5 7/8" long and is a mixture of plum and blue. It is marked "Best Steel" at the ricasso and that is the only markings. The knuckle bow is brass with 4 points. The handle is aluminum that is pinned to the blade. There are 2 black checkered grips pinned to the handle, It comes in the original scabbard. The scabbard is the same that is found with the Marine Recon knives. The scabbard has one cut at the throat at the right side rivet, otherwise it is in very nice condition. -----------------$ 250.00

15.  WWII M3 Imperial--Rare Single Edge---Ref: Cole IV pg 187---According to Cole this knife was made by Imperial using spare and left over parts from their Government contracts and sold through commercial outlets. The blade is single edge and marked "Imperial / Prov.R.I. / USA" at the ricasso. The blade has light sharpening marks and very little use. The handle has the correct red spacers at each end. The leather handle is in near mint condition. It comes with the original scabbard in near mint condition. Rare M3----$ 275.00

16. WWII Western 8" Fighter---The blade has some light sharpening just along the cutting edge. The original blueing has thinned a lot--maybe overly cleaned?  The blade is marked "Western / Boulder,Colo. / Pat'd" at the ricasso. The guard and pommel are tight. The leather handle is in excellent condition. It comes with the original double-stitched sheath with all rivets, stitching and snap intact. Ref: Cole III pg 60 #1------$ 250.00

17. Nolen Custom made Special Forces Knife---Mint---One-of-a-Kind-Prototype----The knife was made aprox. 14 years ago by Nolen Knives. It was commisioned by Mr. Randy Action, previous owner of US Cavelry, for possible sale through US Cav. The knife was made in the style of a V-42 and was meant to be mounted on a leather faced plaque in the form of a Special Forces Crest. Due to the cost to make the knife the project did not continue. The knife is absolutely SUPER. The double edge blade is 7 1/4" long and 1 1/4" wide. The nice heavy blade is 3/16" thick. The double guard is brass and 3 1/4" wide. The handle is a mixture of dark green, dark brown and black micarta. The pommel is in the style of the V-42 skull crusher and is brass. As you can guess, with a nice heavy blade, a brass guard and pommel, the knife is nice and heavy. The blade carries the Nolen Knives mark "Nolen / NK / Knives". The heavy leather sheath was made for shipping the knife and is so marked. It is also marked on the other side "SF Crest Knife 349.95". Nolen Knives have been in business since 1968 and are Master Knifemakers. Great Piece-----$ 395.00

18. Vietnam Hackman Butterfly Knife--Minty--These knives were actually issued to the CIA during Vietnam. The nylon handles are marked "Hackman Finland". This is the same company that made the Hackman Survival Knife. The blade is mint. Ref: Silvey Pocketknives of the US Military pg 128-----$ 85.00

19. M9 Bayonet---Tan Lan-Cay--Mint----The blade is black parkerized and marked "M9 / Lan-Cay / USA" at the ricasso. It has the tan grip and tan scabbard that is marked "Lan-Cay" on the back. It also comes with the M9 Instruction Booklet. -----$ 125.00

20. Vietnam Era Kabar 1209----Mint---The black parkerized blade is unused and is marked "Kabar / 1209 USA" at the ricasso. The handle is unused. It comes with an original unmarked black leather sheath. These were sold in the PX's during the war. Ref: Silvey 1-91 pg 172-----$ 85.00

21. Vietnam or Post Vietnam Mark 2---Mint--The 7" blue blade is unmarked (at least I think so). It has wide fullers and is still wrapped in protective paper. It comes with the correct black leather scabbard with original tie-down. -----Mint-----$ 45.00

22. Mark 1--Japan Copy of the Pal Mark 1---Mint--The blade has a dark blue type finish that turns to a plum color towards the tip. It is marked "Japan" at the ricasso. The leather handle is unused and has spacers at each end. The aluminum pommel is pinned on. It comes with a minty USN MK1 scabbard. Ref: Cole IV pg 70 #3---Quite scarce----$ 95.00


23. Theater or Shop Made Fighting Knives---Lot of 2----The first one is a 6" double edge sticker with a 2 piece plastic handle held with 3 brass pins. The blade has some surface corrosion but I don't see any sharpening. It comes with a heavy duty scabbard that is original to the knife. The second knife has a 6" single edge blade that is in very nice condition and appears unsharpened. It has a double guard and a one piece wood handle held with 2 brass pins. It comes in a minty sewn and riveted leath sheath that is marked "Made in Germany" in the belt loop area.------$ 50.00 for both

24. Vietnam Pilots Knife--1970---The blade is in very nice condition. There is some rust at the guard and pommel and it appears to have been cleaned by a wire wheel. The leather handle is very nice except where it was cleaned. The pommel is marked "Camillus / N.Y. / 1-1970". It comes with a nice scabbard that is missing the grip strap. Ref: Cole III pg 148------$ 40.00

25. WWII Collins Horn Handle V44----The blade appears totally full and in very nice condition, but as you can see in the pictures it has been buffed. It is marked "Collins & Co. / Legitimus / Made in USA / No.18". The mark is very strong and clear. It has a nice green horn handle, that except for a couple small chips at the guard (you can see it in the picture) it is complete and solid. It comes with an excellent condition Collins marked scabbard that is complete. Ref: Cole III pg 136 #2 and Silvey WWII pg 109 & 111----$ 435.00

26. Utica Utility Knife---Mint---I would guess from the 60's----The blade is 6" long and is marked "Utica / Carbon Steel". The blade is mint and still is covered in the protective laquer finish. The brown spot near the ricasso is a glob of the laquer. The 2 piece wood handle is mint. It comes in the original sheath that is sewn and riveted. As you can see, it is marked $9.95 on the back. Neat piece--$ 25.00

27. Vietnam Pilots Knife--1967---The blade is in excellent condition with just a little thinning of the finish towards the tip. The guard is tight and the handle is in excellent condition. The pommel is marked "Camillus / N.Y. / 3-1967". It comes with the original scabbard that is in excellent condition. The stone is Norton marked. Ref: Cole III pg 148------$ 85.00

28. Cased F/S Commando Knife----Commemorative to the British S.A.S.---Pristine Mint---This was put out by the American Historical Foundation which was run by Robert Buerlein (author of Allied Military Fighting Knives). One of the papers is dated 1980, so I assume that is when this was offered. The knife is a regular full size F/S. The blade is 7" long and marked "Crown Sword / Windsor / Made in England" and shows an aircraft dropping paratroopers. The other side is marked "Who Dares Wins" "22nd / Special / Air / Service / Regiment". The blade has a small v grind at the ricasso, which was done on the early WWII blades. The guard is thick, also like the WWII F/S's. It is marked "S.A.S." on the underside. The handle is perfect. According to the paperwork the knife was made by Crown Sword Company in England and is 24-Karat Gold plated. It includes letters, all paperwork, foam cushion, white gloves, etc.----The case is black and felt lined----Neat Piece and Quite Scarce-----$ 200.00

29. Old Joseph Allen & Sons English Bowie Knife---The blade is 5 7/8" long, has some light sharpening, but no rust or pitting. It is marked "NON XLL" and "Joseph / Allen & Sons / Sheffield / England" at the ricasso. The guard is nickel silver. The handle is 2-piece stag in excellent condition. It comes with a scabbard that I think is original. It has some stitching that has seperated and a cut at the throat. Neat piece in Excellent condition-----$ 225.00

30. MIL-K Pocket Knife---Camillus 1982--Mint--All metal 4 blade utility pocket knife---The main blade is marked "Camillus / 1982". Ref: Cole III pg 134----$ 15.00

31. Buck Model 119 Knife----The 6" blade is unused and marked "Buck / 119 / U.S.A.". The black handle has some minor scratches. It comes with the early flap over style sheath that is marked "Buck" on the front and "119" on the back.------$ 40.00

32. US Navy Mark 3, Model 0--Mint in the Box--This is the knife that replaced the WWII Mark 1. Besides being an issue knife for the Navy, it also saw service with the Navy Seals. The blade is marked "MK 3 / MOD 0" on one side and "2V376" on the other. It is also marked "USN" on each grip. The sheath is marked"MK 3 MOD 0 / USN" on the front. It comes with the original box. Ref: Cole IV pg 34-----Pristine Mint-----$ 60.00

33. M9 Lancay Bayonet--Early Issue---Mint---The mint blade is marked "M9 / LanCay / USA" at the ricasso. In 1989 Phrobis completed the US Army's first M9 Bayonet contract. In 1992 the Army's second M9 contract was awarded to the Lancay Corporation. The first 300 had a fuller and the Lancay mark was "LANCAY" (all caps). When the fuller was removed the mark was changed to "LanCay". Finally in 1995 the mark was changed to "Lan-Cay". The mark on the back of this scabbard is "LANCAY" (all caps). So, it is an early scabbard with a fairly early M9. Ref: Brett, Military Knife & Bayonet pg 386----Mint-----$ 150.00

34. Commercial SWI Machete and Scabbard---Mint---Even though Cole shows one of these in his book, these are truly commercial and not military issue. There was no SWI company during WWII. The blade is 18" long and marked "USMC / MK2 / 1944 / SWI". The handle is black plastic with 4 steel pins. It comes with an unmarked sheath that has a steel throat, green canvas body and copper liner inside the sheath. The machete is mint and the sheath is exc--------$ 20.00

35. British Knuckle Knife Copy---I am selling this knife as a copy, but if I'm wrong, it is my loss and your gain. The blade is 5 1/2" long to the front of the knucks. It has some corrosion and pitting. There is a patch of fairly deep pitting on one side near the tip. It appears to be a copy of the BC-41 but is totally unmarked. In Ron Flook's book, British & Commonwealth Military Knives, pg 21, he shows a similar unmarked knife, but the brass grip is a tad different. There is no scabbard--------$ 45.00

36. Al Mar Shadow IV---Mint in the box--The Shadow is in a white slide type box marked "Al Mar Knife" in several places and "Shadow IV / (incl. sheath) / 6104" on one end. The double edge blade is 7 7/8" long and marked "Al / Mar" (and the box) at the ricasso and "Seki Japan" on the other. The handle is made of a black textured material. The black nylon sheath is set up in a military style to be carried many different ways.  It has a plastic liner to protect the blade from cutting the sheath. It has a blue paper in the front pouch called "The Warrior's Edge" and is dated 1982. It also has the cardboard blade sleeve in the box.  Absolute Mint Condition-$ 220.00

37. Knuckle Knife---Fairly new large knuckle knife----The heavy blade is 10" long and marked "Frost / Cutlery" on the back. The handle is a repro 1918 knuckle knife handle. It has a brass skull crusher. It comes with a nice black reinforced nylon scabbard. No doubt put together by someone that was going Bear fighting :-)          $ 35.00

38. WWII Hitler Youth Knife---The blade has some minor fine scratches towards the tip and some ageing. It has some surface peppering, also towards the tip. It has not been sharpened. The blade is marked "Blut and Ehre!" on one side and Solingen / Ges. Geschultz" and the Windmill trademark on the other. The handles are in excellent plus condition. It comes with a very nice and clean metal scabbard. I am no expert on these things and I am assuming it is legit------$ 325.00

39. Wenoka Dive Knife from the late 70's--MIB--Model 8532----7 1/4" blade-----$ 45.00

40. SALE PENDING--------------------WWII M4 Imperial Bayonet----Mint----The bade is mint. The guard is marked "U.S.M4 / Imperial". The mint leather handle has the brown plastic spacers at each end. It comes with an early M8 scabbard with original leather tie-down. Ref: Cole III pg 107 #5---$170.00

41. SALE PENDING------------------------WWII Camillus Mark 1--Mint--The blade is marked "U.S.N. / Mark 1" on one side and "Camillus / N.Y." on the other. It comes with a Mint USN MK1 scabbard. Ref: Cole III pg 76 #2----$ 170.00

Finally got around to putting some more of the items on the site from at late 70's-early 80's collection. These are items that won't appeal to everyone, but I know some of you collect other than just military.

42. Kershaw Camp Kit---Mint in original Case----dated 1/1977----Comes with zippered Kershaw marked case, 3 blades 9" long in individual sleeves, handle and Kershaw paperwork------Mint------$ 45.00

43. Case Model 6165-L SAB SSP----1977--3 dot---There is no box but it does have the original brown paper wrap (take care of your knife)--Nice knife in near mint condition---$ 55.00

44. Schrade Scrimshaw Model SC-501----Mint in the Box---1979-----Has the image of a Buck scrimed on the handle. The scrimshaw is dated 1979. Comes complete with white cardboard box sleeve, box, knife, sheath and Schrade paperwork.--Pristine---$ 55.00

45. Buck Sawbuck---Mint in the Box---Model 15400---The saw blade is 10 1/2" long. The handle is marked Buck. Comes with saw, heavy Buck marked leather sheath and original box. -------Mint----$ 40.00

46. Gerber Silver Knight---Model 250B---Mint in the Box---It is 3 1/4" closed, has wood Cordia handles and 2 blades. It comes with box and felt sleeve. I found no date---Mint---$ 35.00

47. Ithacagun Track Knife--Mint---The blade is 4 1/2" long and 9 1/4" overall. Nice heavy blade with a Paw Print for a makers mark. The guard is nickel silver. The handle appears to be a laminate with finger grooves. It comes with a heavy leather scabbard that is marked "Track Knives / by / Ithacagun". -----Mint----$ 120.00

48. Buck Outdoorsman Selector--Model 0429-A7-0---Mint in the Box---The knife is 4 7/8" closed with the blade being 4" long. It comes with 2 extra blades, plastic sleeves for all 3 blades, instructions, sheath, foam sleeve for the extra blades, paper work from Buck for caring for the knife and box. This one is a little later, there is a date of 1991 on the care sheet------Mint----$ 45.00




Miscellaneous Knife Related Items       jrg@infinet.com 


61.  Reference Book---"The U.S. M-3 Trench Knife of World War Two" by Vincent Coniglio. A 42 page soft cover book on the highly collected M3 Trench knives. Shows pictures, markings, types of finish, handles, when used, numbers produced, scabbards, etc. A very good reference book for the M3 collector----I will continue to stock this book----$ 20.00 postage paid.

62. Reference Book--"Pocket Knives of the U.S. Military"--Mike Silvey has finished his new book on Military Pocket Knives and it is ready for shipment.  The hardback book is 135 pages long and  filled with great pictures and information.  The book is a "MUST" for Military Knife Collectors. There are knives from the 1800's to the 1980's, with knives never before published. I highly recommend it--- To order send $ 24.95 plus $ 5.00 shipping, for a total of $ 29.95 to:
Mike Silvey
6908 Diamond Court
Pollock Pines, CA 95726

63. FAKE F/S--The following information is being presented in the hope that other collectors will not get burnt:
Fake 2nd Pattern F/S--Made to be a Free French  Variation--The 6 7/8" blade is blackened, under the black is what appears to be a copper plating or coating. The guard has a small Broad Arrow on the top side. The blackened knurled grip has a large Cross  imbedded in the knurling. The Cross is aprox 1/2" tall and 3/8" wide.  After talking with a couple friends, John Fischer and Tom Parker and re-reading a section of Ron Flook's book, I have come to the conclusion that this thing is bogus. I'll leave it pictured here so other collectors won't get burnt. 
This additional information came from fellow collector Kerry Gordon.  (thanks Kerry)
I just thought that you might like to know that you weren't the only one ever caught with one of these - not only do I have the French version but I also have one with the Belgian Rampant Lion stamped into the hilt.

The real give away with these is that the blade tang doesn't run all the way through the pommel nut, there's about two threads empty at the end of the nut.  The other thing is that the brass pommel nuts are painted with gloss black paint rather than blackened.

Someone spent a lot of time and effort on these, the blades really are tinned under the blackening and the hilts are blackened brass that is reasonable well checkered.

If you get an opportunity tell the rest of the collectors that there are both variations out there and that they really are bogus.


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